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As a homeowner, you work hard to keep your home running efficiently year-round. But when your HVAC or plumbing equipment breaks down, you can rely on Furino Fuels for fast plumbing and heating service in Swiftwater and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

We can repair or replace any type of equipment. We also offer commercial services. Call now to schedule HVAC or plumbing services in Swiftwater and Stroudsburg, PA.

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Get in touch with Furino Fuels today if you need any of the following services in Swiftwater, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and throughout the Poconos:

Plumbing services-we can repair or replace any type of plumbing equipment, such as pipes, faucets and showers.
HVAC services-call us today if you need air conditioning or heating service. We can repair your broken unit or replace it with a brand-new one.
Heating oil delivery services-we deliver home heating oil that will keep your home or office warm. We can also purge your line if it's filled with oil buildup.

Meet Furino Fuels

Furino Fuels has been serving our community in Swiftwater and Stroudsburg, PA for over 25 years. We're a locally owned business with a crew big enough to meet your needs-we have a team of 50 qualified technicians that can solve any HVAC or plumbing problem. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so we'll be there when you need us.

Whether you need your AC fixed or home heating oil delivered, you can count on us for efficient service in Swiftwater, Stroudsburg, PA and throughout the Poconos. Call now to get a free estimate.